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Proven methods taken by the greatest brands and minds on the planet... put into actionable steps... along with templates of sales letters, emails, landing pages and other invaluable resources you can instantly swipe and implement into your business to get to $100k, $1m or $10m+ per year.

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Startups, Athletes, Agencies, and Multi National Companies

Steve Nash

Two Time NBA MVP, Eight Time NBA All-Star, & Entrepreneur: Owner of Ctrl Media, Home Court, Mallorca FC & Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

“Luke’s vision, his strategy, and execution in developing our online content and business model was great. From content ideation, production, editing, social distribution, to building a small team, he had a grip on everything in the business to position us for growth. A great guy and now a good friend. I’d recommend him to help with your online strategy and growth”

100+ Growth Tactics and Resources to Double, Triple & Even 10x Growth

Much of this Information is Often Kept Between Inner Circles, Mastermind Groups, or Expensive Courses or Consultants...

Now you can access it all to set your own business up to earn thousands and millions of dollars... without the upfront expensive costs.

Increase Sales, Get More Leads, More Subscriptions and Followers...

We're Sharing the Secrets and the 'Play Book' to Online Growth, to Make it Easy & Affordable

This Strategy is a growth vault for any entrepreneur, business owner, or marketer that wants a step by step system of tactics, strategies, and resources to grow their e-commerce, SaaS, Subscription, Digital Product, Info Services, Agency and Professional services.

Why We Created the Strategy...

Can you relate?

If you are anything like us, and every other marketer, entrepreneur and business owner out there, you'll likely relate to these thoughts, questions and pain points while you build an online business at any level, from startup to million dollar company...

"Sales funnels - I have one but how do I get it to convert? Which landing page type should I use? Which software? What's the best way to build it?"

"What video ads need creating? What’s the best script to use? What’s the best structure? The best format? Where and how should I promote it?"

"How do I reduce the cost of my Facebook Ads? What's the best campaign structure? What copy converts best? What are the advanced Facebook tactics? How do I scale them?"

"Why does everyone say they are making ‘millions’ with that ‘one secret’? What's in the 'MasterMind' groups? Is there a secret that I don’t know about? What am I missing?"

"What's the best way to increase my profits? How can I make more money from my customers?"

"What is everyone else doing? What are all the Marketing experts advising?"

"Where do I start? How do I start? How do I scale? How do I get to $1million? How do I get to $10 million?"

"I don’t have time! I don’t have the budget! I wish it was easier."

You get the picture. This is a normal process for us all, so...

We Answered Those Questions

Take Everything We Know. Access the knowledge we've spent 10 years to build. Filter out the noise of the 'guru's'. Go straight to the tactics that work...

Over the last 10 years, we've launched, invested in, and worked with a number of startups, SME's, and large corporations across tech, media, health, and sports industries…

We love using our experience, knowledge, and passion to help people creatively grow their businesses. We are also idealists by nature… so, in our desire to solve the above pain points in our own businesses, and for our clients… we created the 'Growth Strategy'!

We give this information to clients and we use it ourselves, but, not all businesses are at a stage where they can pay thousands of dollars for a customized strategy or consultancy services to get the same information…

This space, therefore, was created based on demand from our customers, and so everybody can access it and use it as an ultimate growth resource.

We opened up our doors so to speak. And also the doors to the inner workings of the growth marketing world.

Build your business the right way...

From the best online marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses...

This Growth system will not only give you a consistent stream of customers but it will lay the foundations to position you for scale and automation within your business...

You’ll see from the content of the top entrepreneurs and marketers online that they all work so hard, and they all significantly invest in their marketing strategies...

And that’s because they know the value of it, and that's why they are killing it in revenue. They know that for every Facebook Ad they put live, for every video, or blog, they create... they are going to get dollars back. Because the frameworks and processes that they’ve used to set these things up are consistent, structured, measurable, and scalable. And… they control it. Which is the key growth.

We have taken these tactics and processes used and promoted by the best online marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses in the world... and we are sharing them with you in an easy to follow format that you can execute on...

Use this Strategy To...

  • Cut out the Noise

    There is no 'magic pill' to 'get rich quick' despite what the 'Gurus' say. It's a culmination of a number of tactics. Cut out the noise. Get all the best information from the best voices in one place.

  • Automate & Scale

    Scale and automate your business growth in the same way the best companies in the world are making millions. Use the tactics to go from $0-$100k, $100K-$1M, $1M-$10M, or $10M-$100M.

  • Increase Revenues & Profits

    Highlight opportunities to maximize your revenues & profits. Are you leaving money on the table? Are you missing a key element of the growth strategy or sales funnel?

  • Save Time

    Save time looking for the best tactics and how to execute. Save time on writing copy, building websites and landing pages. We are giving you templates and swipe files to get make it easy for you.

  • Save Money

    Save money on freelancers and contractors. Our email, facebook ad, and sales copywriting swipe files and templates are worth thousands of dollars. And... they can make you thousands of dollars too.

  • Clear Game Plan

    Get the clarity & confidence with a clear, proven, step by step game plan to increase growth. Find out where to start, what to do, and how to do it. Use the templates and resources to execute!

Is This For You?

Most businesses fail to get off the ground and then find it difficult to scale because they don't have the fundamentals of a growth strategy. Or if they do have something set up, they haven't optimised it so it's maximising ROI. Even the ones that are making millions of dollars already, still leave money on the table by missing these crucial steps! This strategy applies to all online businesses, at all levels! So this is for you if:

  • You have an e-commerce, subscription, SaaS, coaching, or services business, and want to increase your revenues and profits

  • You want an automated, scalable strategy that generates a consistent stream of customers

  • You don’t have time to create a sales funnel or strategy, and you want more time in your business and life. You want automation

  • You don’t have the knowledge or expertise to know how to actually create and execute on a growth strategy

  • You're a consultant or marketer and want a framework and resource that you can use for all your new clients and projects to streamline your work

  • You don't know where to start on taking action on your idea, and are overwhelmed by too much information and noise

  • You have an existing funnel, or if you are making money already… Most revenue generating businesses are the ones who leave money on the table... you have the most potential to increase revenues with the smallest tweaks

Some Results From Our Methods

The Offer

You'll Get Access to the Growth Strategy and 3 FREE bonuses when you sign up today.

The Growth Strategy

$10,000 value

This is the strategy, the tactics and system we use for our clients, and that is shared throughout the inner circles of the leading marketers and brands in the world for Business Growth.

We have taken the frameworks, the processes, the hacks, the templates, the resources, tools, and secrets used and promoted by the best online marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses in the world... and we are sharing them with you in an easy to follow format that you can execute on... for an extremely low one-time investment.

Free Bonus 1 - Sales Funnel Templates

$2500 value

It costs thousands of dollars to pay for a well designed and optimized sales funnel. So here are 10 proven funnels from businesses making millions of dollars. At the click of a button, these high converting funnels from the likes of Squarespace, Shopify, Organify and many more from various industries, will automatically be added to your Clickfunnels account. Use their proven design, their landing pages, sales pages, upsells and downsells... and simply add your logos, images, and copy.

Bonus 2: The Video Sales Letter Copywriting Formula & Script

$500 value

The Video Sales Letter is one of the most effective sales methods in modern marketing, but only if you do it right. High-end copywriters cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can use these proven copywriting principals and the 12 step formula to create high converting scripts to sell your products and services.

Bonus 3: Copywriting Secrets: High Converting Sales Page Structure/Template

$500 Value

Create powerful sales pages that build a story, connect and engage with your customer, and sell your products. Use it to plug in your own information, and fuel your sales pages with a winning and proven formula used by leading marketers and entrepreneurs.

The Growth Strategy Contents

What you you'll get...

Drawing upon the multiple facets of online growth, we pull the most effective and valuable tactics together and put them into one strategy. Allowing you to access the information and resources in one place... to save you time and money. Here's what you'll get access to...

Business Intelligence

$500 value

The best brands in the world create a vision, purpose, and meaning to attract, motivate and inspire customers, staff, partners, and investors. Skip the high consulting fees to go through the same process... we'll show you how to formulate this growth perspective with the same simple questions. We'll also go through your current financials & goals, with exercises, tools, and metrics to position you for growth. Most businesses miss this out, but these steps are crucial in shaping your whole Growth Strategy.

Your Customers

$500 value

Figuring out exactly who your customer is before you build out your product is crucial. Without knowing, you’ll waste (or could currently be wasting) a lot of time and money. Go through this short process that will position you to build out your customer intelligence that will then fuel your product & content marketing. We'll also provide you with the psychological questions to hack sales and create a high converting sales copy and marketing material. The difference between good businesses and world-class businesses with high conversion rates starts here.

Your Competitors

$500 value

Why spend thousands, or millions of dollars and years testing marketing campaigns when competitors have already done the heavy lifting (and spending) for you? Before you start to build out your ads, landing pages, and sales copy, we'll show you how to spy on your competition to reverse-engineer their business models and their strategies to make it easier to execute on your growth strategy. Go behind the scenes of their advertising campaigns, their sales funnels, and their traffic, and get in front of their customers too.

Branding Your Business

$500 value

The most successful brands all spend a lot of time (and a lot of money) on sharing their core story. It's the foundation of Growth and builds a world around your business. We'll again allow you to cut out the expensive branding consultants by making it easy for you to create and clarify your own story that will take your business to new levels. The steps in this section will serve as months and years of content that you can share with your customers in multiple forms!

The Sales Funnel

$1000 value

The Framework to turn your business into a multi-million dollar growth machine. With swipe files, hacks, and maps, we'll make it easy for you to actually create and build a sales funnel that could double your revenue and profits in a matter of days and weeks. We'll give you the key resources and elements you should be using to make profitable funnels... with optimization tricks and tips to apply into your strategy. And... we are also providing you with FREE proven sales funnel templates from some of the most successful sales funnels online (see FREE Bonus section).

Email Marketing Strategy

$1000 value

We’ll be sharing with you examples and swipe files that have made businesses and brands millions of dollars. With the 3 must have campaigns you need to put your sales on autopilot, you can use the swipe files to simply insert your details, edit where you need to, and similarly make a lot of money from your emails marketing campaigns. Save money on Email copywriters, and set up... make more with the proven templates.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategy

$1500 value

The best Facebook Ad Managers and agencies in the world cost $5k upwards per month... we'll show you the insider information on the latest methods, tactics, and hacks business and elite FB managers are using to explode their business growth. From campaign set up and structure to ad creative and copywriting. Use the examples, swipe files, scripts, and templates to 10x your business with Facebook Ads at any level.

Paid Media Campaigns

$500 value

Using paid media to fill your business with laser targeted leads and customers ready to buy from you. We'll run through the platforms you need to use and how to effectively use them for your business type. We'll share how to hack for attention on each platform, how to optimize your campaigns for success, and show you where you can easily increase your conversion rates by 20%

Content Marketing Strategy

$250 value

Covering the latest Content Creation System that is generating brands and businesses millions of views and followers while positioning you for long term, exponential growth. The secrets and hacks behind the model and infrastructure to easily make quality content that scales. With examples, action points, ideas, and scripts for multiple content platforms.

Social Media Strategy

$250 value

The latest distribution model to create and manage your social media campaigns to amplify your content marketing on multiple channels. The framework, model, tips, hacks, and swipe files to make sure your social media campaigns are being managed to scale and convert your followers into loyal customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

$250 value

Find out how Businesses are skyrocketing their sales with each day that goes by... without setting up more marketing campaigns and without spending more money. We'll show you the processes and systems, with a checklist of hacks you can implement into your marketing today to increase your sales overnight.

Analytics & Reporting

$1000 value

Are you tracking the right metrics to give you insights to develop your product and service, to optimize marketing campaigns and to grow your business? Become data-driven. Make business decisions that are right! Automate the process. Automate growth. We'll share information, tools, and resources to make sure your marketing campaigns are tracked correctly, and your key performance metrics are recorded and reported on to position you for growth. (see FREE Bonus section).

Automation & Scaling

Coming Soon

There are endless ways you can automate and scale... here are the fundamentals in the mindset and approach to scaling your business to new levels to go to $1million, $10million and even $100million in revenue.

Growth Hacks

Coming Soon

In addition to the Growth Strategy, we'll show you additional Growth Hacks you should try on your own business for exponential growth. We'll show you how to spot those opportunities and provide case studies, tests, and ideas. We'll also expel growth hacking myths. (see FREE Bonus section).

Checklist, Runway & Growth Maps

Coming Soon

With the tools, resources, templates, and information of a fully integrated Growth Strategy, we'll provide you with an overview/summary you can use as a quick reference and checklist to start executing on. With attached maps, we'll visually show you how the strategy pieces together. Remove analysis paralysis, remove indecision and confusion, and work on the plan in the recommended order of priority. Or... pass on to your colleagues, your manager, your CEO, or even your client. Set your growth campaign for the next 6-12 months. Create your workload for the next 6-12 months. (see FREE Bonus section).

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“Hands down one of the best Freelancers I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve hired a lot of them over many years). Luke is the real deal and actually gets results. To name just a few, he created a facebook retargeting campaign that generated an 800% return on ad spend as well as recreating a landing page and getting more than three times the previous conversion rate. Luke is a huge asset to any team and is the real deal when it comes to an all-around marketer who generates results.”

Michael Julian - CEO Novedo MarketingMichael Julian - CEO Novedo Marketing

“As a Startup, we knew how beneficial it was to be data-driven and we wanted our metrics in one place. Thanks to Luke, he set us up with the right metrics and makes sense of our data to create our marketing strategy, allowing us to scale the business over 5 years”

Stefan Pretty - CEO/Founder - Subbly.coStefan Pretty - CEO/Founder -

“Luke's very knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing and business growth. From Business strategy and analysis, sales funnel builds, landing page designs, email campaigns, management, he gets big results, and so does this strategy!”

Harry Toumbas - CEO & Founder - MuscleboxHarry Toumbas - CEO & Founder - Musclebox

“From driving traffic to creating the product and growth strategy, Luke can do and will do anything and everything to grow your business. ”

 Jonathan McNamara  - CEO/Founder - RetroFuzz Jonathan McNamara - CEO/Founder - RetroFuzz

“Luke analyzed our business and came up with a clear game plan that allowed us to scale our services nationally, increasing our online presence, our online conversion rates and our overall ROI’s. Amazing Strategy!”

James Tyrell-Nestor  Founder - PhysologyJames Tyrell-Nestor Founder - Physology

“Luke’s vision, his strategy, and execution in developing our online content and business model was great. From content ideation, production, editing, social distribution, to building a small team, he had a grip on everything in the business to position us for growth. A great guy and now a good friend. I’d recommend him to help with your online strategy and growth.”

Steve Nash - NBA Hall of Famer - Ctrl Media Founder - InvestorSteve Nash - NBA Hall of Famer - Ctrl Media Founder - Investor

“Luke has been instrumental in the growth of two of our companies. Through marketing strategy & sales funnels, he has been helping us grow for 3 years, advising us from concept idea to funding & acquisition.”

James Waddington - CEO/Founder - VizifiedJames Waddington - CEO/Founder - Vizified

“Luke worked on our startups where he implemented his growth strategies to significantly reduce our CPA's and increase our conversion rates in just a few weeks. His strategies improved our products, increased revenues and saved us money.”

Jade Sehbat - EntrepreneurJade Sehbat - Entrepreneur

“Working with Luke has opened our eyes to how actually sell our product. With sales funnels and Facebook ads we acquire and convert more leads than ever before!”

Jay Geraghty - CEO/Founder - Physique GeekJay Geraghty - CEO/Founder - Physique Geek

Meet Luke

Growth Marketer, Business Strategist

Luke Malcher

Luke Malcher

CEO, Founder @GrowthStrategist

Now residing in Los Angeles, I grew up in England and was once upon a time a professional football/soccer player for Huddersfield Town, before venturing into the world of business and digital marketing.

Over the last 10 years, I've launched, invested in, and worked with a number of startups, SME's, and large corporations across tech, media, health, and sports industries.

My first startup in football/soccer media funded my trip around the world when I was 23. My second led me to San Francisco which resulted in consultancy roles for on their first foray into influencer marketing. Now, 8 years on, I'm in LA working with athletes and businesses including 2x NBA MVP Steve Nash.

Through consultancy, media and marketing services, I'm using my experience, knowledge, and passion to help people creatively grow their brands and business.

I'm also in the process of productizing my services in an attempt to put all my knowledge, tools and resources into one place... and in a format that is easy to follow and take action on to enable businesses to grow.

My goal is to make the information that is often hidden behind expensive courses and mastermind groups, more accessible. Without the hype of it being 'magic' and without the over promise of it making you rich without having to do anything.

The opportunity to be successful with an online business is huge, and there are methods and systems you should set up to help you succeed. But, it is hard work and it's complex! And, even when you know the strategy behind it, it's the execution that makes or breaks the business.

That's why I'm sharing the 'behind the scenes' resources of a 'Growth Strategist'... I'm hoping the tools I use for my projects and to make millions of dollars in revenue for my clients, will be effective for you to use for your own business.

I want to save you time and money, and I want to put everything in one place for you. Because I created and use this strategy myself, I believe the value of it will be much more affordable than many other courses & products you might find online.

Thanks, Luke

Growth Hacking Works No Matter the Niche or Industry!

From SaaS, E-commerce, Subscription, Lead Generation, Information and Professional Services...

Many courses are specific to a niche or industry, but after working across the above industries, we know our tactics and strategies inside will help you no matter the product or service you sell. So will your business be next?


If you go through the strategy and take time to make changes to your business... , you can double, triple or 10x your revenue with just a few changes to your funnel. You can reduce your CPA’s, you can increase your LTV and ultimately your profits.

One of our clients who didn’t have time to create a funnel or analyze his current set up, saved $10k per month, after just 15 minutes of speaking to us on the phone. He’d been spending 10k per month for 3 years without realizing his funnel was leaking at a crucial part of his customer acquisition campaign... For 3 years! He wasted over a quarter of million dollars on something we could have prevented in minutes.

If you’re thinking, I’m earning good money already... that same client who was wasting 10k per month was earning $3million per year. He had a ‘successful’ business. So $10k doesn’t seem like that much. BUT wouldn’t you rather spend $120k per year on something that does make a return? Or even a new car, house or vacation?

Another client of ours is making 7x return on every dollar spent on their $40k per month FB ads… He had just a few elements of the Sales Funnel we share with you. His successes were covering up his waste in his business because he was focused on just one or two things. That's great if you are just starting out... But adding additional tacts to his marketing campaigns allowed him to quickly scale and make more money.

So, make sure your funnel is converting. Make sure there aren't any other methods you can be using to reduce your CPA's.

The Investment & Return

Still Not Convinced?

At this point, start thinking about running some numbers for yourself...

What would happen if you increase your conversion rates by 1%? Then increase your Lifetime Value of Customers or Average Order value by $10 over the course of 12 months. Then reduce your cost per sales by $5? What if got a $2x, $3x, $4x, 5x or even $10x return on every $1 spent predictably and consistently?

How would that impact your revenues and profits? What would you do with the money?

You could go back to spending hours writing emails, ads, sales copy and building landing pages that aren't converting, or... you could spend a fraction of the money and time on proven resources and strategy that works, at an incredibly low price.

This strategy will save you thousands of dollars in services for copywriters, consultants, marketers, writers, and information... it will save you hours of time in trying to research your own plan of attack, and executing on it...

And if followed, could make you thousands of dollars. Which is why we created the strategy for ourselves, for our clients, and now for you.

So would an investment of $697 be worth it if the information and resources saved you $5000 and made you or your client $100,000+?

Remember too that there is no risk. If the strategy isn't for you after you purchase, then just email us and we'll refund you, no questions asked.
Ok. Yes, Lets Do It


  • How to Use It?

    We use it so we can quickly create Facebook ads that convert. We use it so we can optimize results of ad campaigns, landing pages, and funnels. We use it as checklists to keep on top of things. A knowledge bank. A resource bank. If a client needs something we give it to them so we both save time.

  • I'm a Marketer, will it still help me?

    If you are a marketer… we built it for us! Use it to keep on top of things. Use it to arm yourself with everything you need in one place to make your life easier. Use it to look good in front of your boss and peers. Use it to bring new ideas to the table that you’ll be responsible for. We are marketers too, and we created it for ourselves. You out of all people will know how much time these resources will save you. Workout your hourly rate, and then how much time you'll save using the multiple templates we have for ad copywriting, email automation and landing page building, etc. It's a no brainer in our eyes. It's actually a steal!

  • I have a startup? Is this good for me?

    Yes, this is ideal for startups. Every business we help start and every business we set up ourselves, always start off at this point. We create a roadmap. A list of priorities. And we do the things that work. This will give you a structure. It will help you get set up fast, and it will get you that traction you need without having to invest huge amounts of money. In fact, this strategy and the sales funnel section actually positions you to be able to scale your business without needing external investment.

  • My business already makes millions. Why would we buy this?

    If you are an established business earning millions in revenue… use it as a checklist to make sure you are doing everything you need to be doing in the right way. Getting to $100k is different to when you need to go to $10 or $100 million. So use it to make sure your team is on top of things or so your team has more resources to produce more results in less time. It will give your business a strategy to scale and resources to do so. Our highest paying clients benefit the most from this strategy because they already have revenues. You'll see how you can scale your ad spend to $50k plus per month and still make huge returns. Or, make sure your email marketing is on point to convert as many leads as possible. There is always room for improvement and this small investment could instantly save you thousands of dollars per month. If you don't like it, send it back and we'll give you your money back.

  • Is this a get rich quick scheme? Are you a 'Guru'?

    Absolutely not! We are definitely not an 'online coach’ teaching you how to be an online coach who will then go on to teach others how to be an online coach! That world (in our opinion) is messed up and saturated, and gives people false hope or unrealistic expectations. Instead, we are sharing the tactics we use and that you can use to build and scale an actual online business. From info products, e-commerce, subscription, SaaS, and lead gen. And most importantly… you won’t do it overnight. You have to work harder than you would in a 9-5. We are in the trenches every day and night figuring out what works in this fast-changing world and it’s not easy. There is no quick fix or magic bullet no matter what anyone will tell you on a Facebook ad. But… there are genuine tactics and strategies that need to be followed if you are to have any chance of growing your business at any level!

  • Where is your “Make $243,876” per month without opening your eyes” hook line?

    Good questions... The disclaimer is that when you see those headlines and those landing pages, it’s because it’s a classic sales technique. It’s a domino statement that makes the reader think they just have to buy this product because it’s a new opportunity and there is nothing of it’s kind out there. It’s really smart and it does work, we’ll show you how. But, it’s also abused and not used correctly in many cases which leads to decreased credibility and unrealistic expectations and false hope. You won't see us with Lamborghini's and mansions on YouTube or Facebook Ads bragging about how much money we make either. Not cool, not our style!

  • Does the Strategy have Videos?

    No. The strategy is in written form. It's text information and swipe files, with images and diagrams, questionnaires, templates, scripts, etc. You'll access it in our member's area when you sign up. This format is to ensure that the information is as practical as possible. Something you always have to hand and can immediately find and take action on. So far our customers have preferred this format, but we may add short videos in the future so you can get to know us more.

  • Do I need technical skills to use the strategy and build my business

    We created the strategy with information and resources on how you can build a business without being a technical whizz and without spending a lot of money on a tech team or services etc. We'll show you the software you can use and links to helpful articles etc. There may be things that you'll need help with, but we explain how you can find somebody affordable to help you with those things.

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